OMWA Education Day's February 23rd - March 3rd, 2021
Thank you for joining us.
Tradeshow platform will open at midnight February 23rd
and will remain live until midnight March 3rd, 2021.
We have many exhibitors showcasing new products and technology with live
chat options. There is plenty to see so come by as often as you like
Virtual Trade Show Countdown: 

We also have some exciting giveaways. To get in on the fun is easy, here is how.
    Watch a welcome video from OMWA President, Mike Mortimer.
He will give you some hints on how to increase your odds to win 😊
    Watch a short message from our Host Utility sponsor: Windsor Utilities Commission.
    Watch a clip from our Technical Session sponsor: SCG Process
Hope you enjoyed the videos. To enter our Virtual Trade Show, simply provide your details below and click ENTER.

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